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self improvement, success, and self image

"I have honestly spent thousands of dollars to attend seminars and self-help programs, and I can easily say that this program is the most influential that I have ever read/listened to.

The Beat Self Sabotage program has pushed my buttons enough to help me see how I needed to change. I have been applying those principles and have seen dramatic results!

My wife and I will be forever grateful for Arlen Card and what he has taught us. Arlen has my permission to pass on my contact information to any person that doubts this program.

You deserve the change that this program will bring, and you deserve the massive results that you will see in your personal and professional life by following this to the letter.

Thanks for everything, Arlen, REALLY."

--Matt English,

self improvement, success, and self image

"I seemed to always struggle with personal progress, but this book has helped me discover what was really holding me back. I have now found a renewed sense of inner strength that has helped me attract more of what I truly desire in life.

The truths taught in this book not only bless the lives of those who read it, but also the lives of those they come in contact with!

Arlen doesn't just tell you simply the 'how to', but he also explains the 'why' to each simple truth he covers. And once I began to understand the 'why', that was when I began to see true progress!"

--Paul Bartholomew,

self improvement, success, and self image

"This is exactly what I need. I've always had a hard time with self-sabotage and it's been hard to overcome it. People have seen so much potential in what I can do, but I never really have. I'm excited to see it take effect in my life and keep confidence in myself. It'll definitely be a change in my life, but a good one."

--Troy Hutchinson, Provo, Utah

self improvement, self image, and beat self sabotage

"I've read a lot of business books and self-help books over the years, and I've learned a lot of great things from them, but there's certain aspects that those have never mentioned that were addressed here, particularly the concept of self sabotage, and I found that very helpful in my scenario.

So if you're looking for a way to achieve certain goals, or overcome some sort of obstacle in your life, or whatever it might be, this is a book that can really empower you and help you do that, and I highly recommend it to anyone who's serious about moving on."

--Tom Rogers, Orem, Utah